Practice Social Distancing w/ Stream Machine Water Launchers, Balloons and Backyard Games!

I know what you’re thinking? How can I be responsible and practice social distancing with a Stream Machine Water Launcher? The answer’s really quite simple. Stream Machine Water Launchers are capable of reaching distances of up to 70 ft. All you’ll really need is access to your pool, a bucket of water, a sink, bath tub, it doesn’t really matter. So long as you can submerge your water gun’s barrel (or barrels if you opt for the Double Barrel Water Sports Water Launcher), you’ll be more than ready. Ready to wreak absolute havoc on your family in your own personal space. Simple to fire and reload, Stream Machine Water Launchers are an excellent choice for those looking to be a little creative while keeping their distance.

Throw and Launch Water Balloons from Incredible Distances

Simple and surprising all at once, Stream Machine Water Balloons will require a little more oomph than a water launcher. Built tough to withstand the refilling process, but designed to shatter softly upon impact, this selection of water balloons is an obvious choice for those looking to surprise their family with their aim via a little h2o. The Stream Machine Water Balloon Refill Kit should be where you start as it features 500 water balloons. But what if you don’t exactly have the arm for throwing water balloons? Well, we have a solution for you! The Stream Machine Water Balloon Launcher can cover areas reaching up to 160 ft. That’s an incredible feat that will allow you to introduce a little mayhem from quite a safe distance.

Bring the Family Closer Together via Backyard Sports Games

Getting antsy with the family under quarantine? Why not introduce some Stream Machine Backyard Games into your lineup? Stream Machine Outdoor Toys and Backyard Games are an excellent way to keep children and adults alike engaged for hours on end. The Stream Machine Lighted Bocce Ball Set can be enjoyed day and night as it features sets of glow in the dark bocce balls. Only have two people? No problem. Grab a Lighted FUNNOO Flyer and let her rip! All of the classics are here as well. Stream Machine Water Sports Basketballs, Footballs, Baseballs… They’re all here and offer a watery twist to enjoying your favorite sports.

Safe and Responsible w/ a Side of Fun

We’re all still adjusting in these uncertain times. While any of us may be locked in the house, it doesn't mean we can’t find new and enjoyable ways to spend with our family. Whether it’s gathering the family in the backyard for a few water battles or playing a few rounds of evening bocce ball, there are plenty of interesting and unique ways to enjoy our time spent together. We here at the Stream Machine Store always encourage family safety. We’re also advocates for family fun. Practice social distancing in the comfort of your own property and introduce a little watery fun for the entire family to enjoy.

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