Stream Machine Launchers, Water Bazookas & Squirt Guns

Water Launchers

The easy to use, fast reload and powerful stream machine water guns. For rapid reloads, simply submerge the barrel in water, pull back the handle and replenish your Stream Machine with H2O Ammo! Comprised of high polymers and impregnated colors that will not chip or peel.

Water Balloons & Water Balloon Launchers

Water Balloon Fun

Combine our Biodegradable water balloon kits with a water balloon launcher and you are in for a fun day in the sun. Water balloon games, tossers and refill kits help you stay cool at any party or family event.

Water, Pool & Beach Toys

Pool and Beach

Stream Machine offers a ton of ways to have fun at your pool or next beach outing. Find plenty of games, sand toys, pool toys, foam footballs, flying discs and more for your next outdoor adventure.

Watersports Geyser Toys

Geyser Toys

Simple to use but a ton of fun, watersports geyser toys add an extra element of water spray while you play. From discs that squirt water while in the air to water cannons that shoot a stream as you dunk, geyser toys are an unique toy.

Outdoor Toys & Backyard Games

Backyard Fun

Everything you need to make you next BBQ or backyard event one to remember. Find backyard games like poles, badminton, bocce ball and even glow in the dark games to play at night.

Practical Outdoor Products, Beach Accessories

Practical Products

Help make your next outdoor adventure a little more convenient with watersports practical products. Find sand-off mitts, anti-fatigue mats and an portable shower.

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