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The Stream Machine is ideal for serious water battles! All models are injection-molded or extruded out of prime grade color impregnated polymers, which delivers superior strength, durability, high gloss finishes, and rich colors that won’t chip or peel off to last for years of fun. Just simply dunk the double barrel in a pool, lake, or bucket of water and pull the handle back making sure not to catch any sand or rocks. Once you've found your target, push the handle with force to create a steady stream sure to blast away the competition. With its ability to reach up to 50 feet and quick re-load of 2-3 seconds, your enemy will not get away dry. The Stream Machine comes in various colors and is suitable for ages 8 and up.

Get a grip and get wet with the Stream Machine Water Sports Water Launcher! The ultimate water accessory for soaking wet fun, this water launcher fires a steady stream of h2o up to an impressive 70 ft. The Water Launcher features a 17 in. double barrel design that extends to 38 in. when refilled. Stream Machine Water Launchers are incredibly easy to fire and reload. Simply submerge the water launcher's barrels in a pool, lake or bucket of water and pull the handle back. Once you've found your next target, push the handle with some force and you'll release a blast of water. Capable of reaching targets up to 70 ft. and reloading in a matter of seconds, the Stream Machine Launcher will provide all the flexibility and power needed to douse the opposition in watery combat!