Stream Machine TL-750 Water Gun: Our Most Popular Water Launcher

When selecting the perfect water gun for all of your summertime activities, it is important that the water launcher itself surpasses all of your expectations. What if we told you that there was a water gun launcher that displayed the best qualities of strength, speed and durability? The Stream Machine TL-750 Water Sports Water Launcher encompasses all of these aspects, helping to solidify its standing as one of the most popular water guns available. Let's take a closer look as to why this water launcher can be found in backyards and beaches across the world.

Rapid reloads reduce downtime, encourage speed

It's no secret that A LOT of water soakers out there implement a pumping motion that removes you out of the action. When you're in the thick of a water gun battle, can you really afford to stand around and pump some water soaker while praying for the best? No, that's ridiculous. Stream Machine Water Launchers ditch this archaic system of reloading for something much more accessible i.e. faster. Here's a breakdown of how it works: Submerge the barrel underwater and pull back the water gun's handle. And then... Wait, no that's it. Pretty simple, right? While the competition is pumping their water soaker on the sidelines (probably getting drenched in the process), you'll be in and out. Ready to move, ready to fight.

Level up your game to marksman status

While speed remains essential in winning water fights. You can't exactly stand around and hope for the opposition to wet itself. (Yes, we know how that sounds). You'll need a water gun that's capable of delivering some h20 goodness from quite a distance. Stream Machine Water Launchers deliver as they're capable of wiping the grin off of someone's face from over 75 ft. away. In context, that's thirty steps. Thirty steps... Imagine how much freedom that grants you when planning an ambush or aiming down your sights for a perfect shot. Factor in the rapid reloading and a capacity to fire from great distances and you have the perfect water launcher.

Stay in the action for longer

It should probably go without say that we all value the importance of a durable water gun. A stronger, more reliable water gun will keep you in the action for longer stretches of time. You shouldn't have to worry about a leaking soaker or a broken pump. Stream Machine Water Launchers are all comprised out of high-quality polymers and impregnated colors that will not chip or peel. This translates directly to an extremely resilient water gun that can handle battle after battle for years to come.

The Stream Machine TL-750 Water Sports Water Launcher has all of the ingredients of a summertime classic. In an age where water soakers with meaninglessness pumps and handles have become the norm, it's reassuring to know that we can offer a water gun that's extremely efficient without all of the gimmicks.

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