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  • Awesome water gun for tons of fun in the backyard, pool, beach or boat.
  • Features a 12 in. double barrel capable of launching water up to 50 ft.
  • The total length of this water gun is 17 in. and extends to 27 in. when filling the barrel.
  • For quick reloads, submerge the barrel in water, pull back the handle and replenish your Stream Machine.
  • Stream Machine Water Launchers are made from high quality polymers and impregnated colors that will not chip or peel off.

Get a grip and get wet with the Stream Machine DB-1200 Water Sports Water Launcher! The ultimate water accessory for soaking wet fun, this water launcher fires a steady stream of H2O up to an impressive 50 ft. The DB-1200 Double Barrel Water Launcher features a 17 in. double barrel design that extends to 27 in. when refilled. Stream Machine Water Launchers are incredibly easy to fire and reload. Simply submerge the water launcher's barrels in a pool, lake or bucket of water and pull the handle back. Once you've found your next target, push the handle with some force and you'll release a blast of water. Capable of reaching targets up to 50 ft. and reloading in a matter of seconds, the Stream Machine DB-1200 will provide all the flexibility and power needed to douse the opposition in watery combat!

All Stream Machine Water Launchers are comprised of high polymers and impregnated colors that will not chip or peel. Stream Machine Water Launchers are designed to withstand years and years of fun with minimal to no maintenance. Whether you're headed to the backyard, pool, park, beach, lake or anywhere that welcomes a little watery warfare, you'll have reliable and trusted ally in this Stream Machine Water Launcher. Stream Machine Water Guns are available in multiple colors and are suitable for ages 8 and up.

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Stream Machine Double Barrel Water Gun, Medium Pump Water Launcher - DB-1200 Reviews
Marjorie K
July 9, 2021
Verified Purchase
What fun

These were worth the wait..We had soo much fun with the two and one barrel machines. They were a gift for the 6 year old nephews who could handle them easily over the longer models

May 29, 2020
Verified Purchase Helpful

OUTSTANDING PRODUCT: We have WATER WARS going on at the RV resort where we live in Florida. Most of the warriors own STEAM MACHINE water launchers of various sizes. We ordered two single barre canonsl and quickly realized they are great, but four barrels even better. We now own 4 / 4 barrel water canons which will be used in tomorrows RV WATER WARS. Well made, heavt duty. We did not find anything to compare at regular retailers. Squirt gun rifles look big, but don't produce. Top Gun in Florida

Thank you for the review, Joyce. We're glad you love them just as much as we do!
Stephen Smith
May 20, 2020
Verified Purchase
Excellent weapon at the pool!!!

this is a highly recommend toy for you pool fun!!!

Thank you, Stephen! We couldn't do it without the support of great folks like yourself!
Eric Rudd
March 18, 2020
Verified Purchase
Our new favorite

This is a must have product for your event.

Gary Kiefer
August 13, 2019
Verified Purchase
Great gun!

I loved this gun. It was perfect for the supersoaker battle I was in and actually heavy duty enough to withstand the extreme force that it was put under and didn't break at all.

We love that you loved it. Thanks, Gary!
francisco islas
September 21, 2017
Verified Purchase Helpful
Best Water Guns ever!!

I have been using Stream Machine Guns for years but these DB-1200s are the best by far. I ordered 4 and they came on time and worked really well! However one of the Black end Caps came with a crack and sprays water sideways. other than that i am very happy with my product and I will order more in the future.

Barry Singletary
August 23, 2012
Verified Purchase

very good, informative

August 14, 2012
Verified Purchase

My grandson loves the double barrell water launcher. Right after it arrived he jumped in the pool to try it. He was so excited about how far the he could shoot the water. I have to order another so they can have battles.

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