Get a grip and get wet with Stream Machine Water Launchers! The ultimate water accessory for soaking wet fun, water launchers fire a steady stream of H2O up to an impressive 70 ft. Stream Machine Water Launchers are incredibly easy to fire and reload. Simply submerge the water launcher's barrel in a pool, lake or bucket of water and pull the handle back. Once you've found your next target, push the handle with some force and you'll release a blast of water. Capable of reaching targets up to 70 ft. and reloading in a matter of seconds, Stream Machine Water Guns provide all of the flexibility and power needed to douse the opposition in watery combat!

Water Guns have contributed to more watery skirmishes than nearly any other water accessory on the market. The perfect remedy for introducing a constant source of excitement and getting the absolute most out of those especially hot summer days, Stream Machine Water Launchers are an absolute must for anyone interested in engaging in an all H2O war. The best part of all is that Stream Machine has accommodated all of your watery pursuits by creating a diverse series that includes: water launchers, water bazookas, squirt guns and a water tag set designed for one on combat. Your only real limit is your imagination and lack of any nearby water. So, grab a Stream Machine and get the party started!

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