Regardless of whether you're planning your next adventure to the local beach or looking for new and exciting ways to heighten the backyard pool experience, the Stream Machine Store features a wealth of water friendly products and accessories. The sports enthusiast will be excited by the sheer amount of options available to pursue when it comes to reliving their favorite activities with a watery twist. ItzaVolleyballs, ItzaFootballs, Geyser Baseball Bats and ItzaBouncers incorporate water into your favorite sports.

Whether you're floating down stream or just catching some in the pool, you can't go wrong with an Original ItzaTube. The Stream Machine Store also features a wealth of underwater games such as Dive Flags, Dive Sticks and Swim Thru Rings that are all capable of turning any swimming pool into an interactive water park. Heading to the beach? Pack a Sand-Off! Reusable Beach Sand Wipe Off Mitt and keep that pesky sand from ruining your time spent in the sun and water.

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