Stream Machine Launchers, Water Bazookas & Squirt Guns

The Stream Machine TL-750, 22-Inch Barrel, Water Sports Water Launcher is a welcomed addition to any backyard, pool, beach or any sort of platform that requires a balanced Water Launcher. Capable of reaching a staggering 70 feet, this Water Launcher features a rapid reload system that will keep you and your friends in the game for longer stretches of time. For those looking for a more compact option, the Stream Machine TL-500, 12-Inch Barrel, Water Sports Water Launcher features all of the strengths and versatility of the larger models at a reduced size! For something completely different and incredibly fun, the Stream Machine Store has released its very own Water Tag Set with Water Launchers, Water Sports Tag Set. Regardless of whether you're shopping for a Water Bazooka or varying sorts of Replacement Ammunition for your existing Water Launcher, you'll have plenty to explore in Stream Machine's collection.

Water Launchers have long been regarded as a summertime favorite and have contributed to more watery skirmishes than nearly any other water accessory on the market. The perfect remedy for introducing a constant source of excitement and getting the absolute most out of those especially hot summer days, Stream Machine Water Launchers are an absolute must for anyone interested in engaging in a little water hijynx. The best part of all is that Stream Machine has accommodated all of your watery pursuits by creating an elaborate series of Water Launchers that cater to all audiences.