Sand-Off! Reusable Beach Sand Wipe Off Mitt

Simple to use

This beach cleaning mitt is the latest innovation in convenience and materials. Reusable Sand Wipes are incredibly convenient additions to any trip with a sandy destination and offer an entirely accessible way of removing sand in any circumstance.

Works every time

Sand Off Mitts feature a patented formulation that provides an all natural and talcum-free way of swiping away sand; The simple process of clapping your mitt and rubbing your skin will remove any unwanted sand from interfering with your fun at the beach. The sand cleaning mitt also works on of sun tan and sunblock applications, so you don't have to worry about reapplying every time you want to be sand free.

Perfect beach accessory

Forget using a beach towel or getting sand in your beach bag, this beach sand cleaning mitt has a travel friendly carry pouch perfect for beach events, vacations, beach volleyball, sandboxes, anywhere there is sand.

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